Our Commitment to Your Data Privacy

As an independent market research firm, our job is to uncover and analyze macro trends that will help our clients understand their customers’ needs and preferences in order to provide better solutions for those who purchase and/or use their products and services.

Our survey research often requires us to ask people for some amount of personal information for analysis purposes and for follow up contact with survey participants as may be required or requested.

Here's our promise to you:

  • Your response will be kept totally confidential--only our research analysts have access to the raw survey data.
  • The reports we produce present summary-level analysis--no names or identifying information is ever included.   
  • Personal information that you may provide during the survey to participate in special offers, e.g. for drawing entries or requests to receive study findings, may be shared with the clients who sponsor the research, however, never in any way that connects to your survey responses.
  • Neither we nor our clients will, under any conditions, ever sell your personal information to third parties or otherwise share it with third parties without your permission. 

Anti-Spam Compliance

We comply fully with the anti-spam regulations for the U.S., Canada, and other countries (as published); we also comply with the Survey Monkey terms of use. Market research of this nature is exempted from many of these regulations as it is “non-commercial” in nature. Nevertheless, we take a conservative approach. If you received an email invitation for this research study, your contact information was either provided to us by the research sponsor from their active commercial/customer in-house list or marketing/newsletter opt-in in-house list, or sourced through a third-party list to which you have previously opted-in with explicit consent that it could be shared. And if you choose to opt-out from further communications regarding this research, we will honor your request promptly.